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**formerly Deborah Manog and currently Deborah Manog Dimaya

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I’ve always been driven by a desire to tell stories about the people in my community.

I was the kid who kept a journal next to her bedside pillow and would jot down all the events of my day until my fingers begged me to put the pen down.

In high school I found my voice through writing and eventually worked my way up to editor-in-chief of The Governor, my high school newspaper. Several years later, I showed up in an empty parking lot to meet a stranger, who I contacted through Craigslist, and forked over $200 for my first dslr, the Canon 20D.  After discovering the camera’s remarkable potential to “freeze time” with a single shot, I  worked as a sports photographer for Ka Leo O Hawaii.

I rediscovered my niche in the Journalism Program at University of Hawai’i where I  learned more about conducting interviews, shooting b-roll, editing and multimedia reporting.

*Bonus tidbit: For fun I lift heavy weights up and I put them down. #olympicweightlifter #girlswholift #empowered