Kalihi Girl Meets London: Pound’ed

Today I went back to Wagamama for lunch.  Why? They have free wi-fi and I was determined to stop my cold from progressing.  After a couple of bites I was full and decided to check how much my meal cost after a USD conversion.  My 9 pound saimin turned out to be a jaw dropping $14.

Although my appetite was more than satisfied, I could  not bear to leave behind food in the bowl.  It would be the same as dropping in a 5 pound note in my broth and leaving it behind.  I come from a culture that taught us never to waste, whether it be food or any general item.  So I sat at the same spot for almost 2 whole hours, resting my tummy before slowly getting my digestive machine going again.  This is where I noticed how unusual it would be to sit and eat for 2 hours, back home.  Glancing around me, I realize that the group of men sitting near me had what appeared to be their second round of lunch.  They had been seated long before I arrived so I assumed they must have been sitting at their table for over 2.5 hours.  Here in London, the locals seem to take longer and later lunch breaks.  No such thing here as a short 15-30 minute lunch break like it is back in the states.  It was as if these men were just sitting and talking with each other, but they happened to have food placed in front of them and happened to be at a restaurant.  That’s one thing we need in Hawaii- longer lunch breaks so we actually enjoy a “break” rather than just to replenish empty stomachs.

If you’re wondering, I did end up gulping down my entire meal, thus not leaving any wasted pounds behind.