Stations of the cross of Kalihi

Filmed and edited and scripted by Deborah Manog and Jennifer Wong.

Non profit organization, Nakem Youth, hope to change Kalihi’s negative reputation with a walk through different sites of the neighborhood.

“My hope for Kalihi is to find places where stories are being told that we can’t quite hear,” said Jessica L.

Ninety people participated in the fourth annual stations of the cross in Kalihi on Saturday March 16. The goal of Nakem Youth is to reconnect the younger Filipino generation with their culture and encourage them to actively participate in politics, publishing and education.

This year the event was held in partnership with Harris United Methodist Church.

“I think it was great experience and I think that as my first time to go and having gone through the church, I think it was a good idea that I went outside and learned the history of and culture of the people and their diversity,” said George Nabea.

Adapted from the Christian tradition, the pilgrimage allows participants to reflect on stories presented by students. Despite the heat, community members walked four miles from Kuhio Park Terrace, to the cemetery of Joseph Kahahawai Jr., to Lanakila Health Center, A’ala Park and ended at the church.

“It was so touching. It was so powerful that it just made me cry,” said Rosalie Polido.

This was Ashley Galacgac’s second time organizing the event.

“I think I’m a different person from last year. I really still believe that this is a good thing to do,” said Galacgac.

Almost everyone walked in hopes of Kalihi to become a gathering place that breaks away from it’s negative stereotypes.