Endless Heights with Ivy Kwok

This was the first week of the photojournalism class taught by the talented Fred Larson and his friend and colleague, Rich. They immediately paired us up and gave us the assignment of doing short class introductions in a unique way. We would use our cameras and tell a story about our partner.

I was lucky to be paired up with Ivy Kwok. She is so young and full of potential, it was nice to hang out with her and be reminded of how far I’ve come since I was in high school. We had one hour to get to know each other, which is hardly enough time to really find out who someone really is. But I think I got a good idea.

Like a little fish powering through the deep blue sea, Ivy Kwok has always had high ambitions. As an incoming senior in high school she took advantage of a scholarship award to attend her first college class in a subject she’s never touched before. In a few weeks, she’ll be jet-setting across the Pacific Ocean to study in Japan for the summer. Around her neck is a gift she received from her pastor, an everyday reminder that no goal is too big to achieve.