Ka Hui Ho’olauna – Show #14

Me and my classmate, Kim Clark, were the student co-producers for our journalism class’s tv news magazine production “Ka Hui Ho’olauna.” Show #14 aired on K5 in Hawai`i on May 10, 2014. Our class had so many great stories to tell, it’s a shame we couldn’t fit all of them onto the show because we were only alotted a short 28 minutes of air time. Check out the rest of our stories on hoolauna.tv

I did my final package about the Filipino Veterans in Hawai`i. They are currently still waiting for justice and most of them are in their 80’s and above, if not yet passed away. I hope that this story was able to shed more exposure on this injustice and hopefully give them what they’ve been waiting for. I hope these brave men will no longer be the “forgotten heroes” of World War 2. View the story below.