FUN IN LEARNING at the 2nd Annual Keiki Health Camp

This was originally published at the news site for the John A. Burns School of Medicine, UHMedNow.

FUN IN LEARNING (Video) at the 2nd Annual Keiki Health Camp

By Deborah Manog, UH Student Journalist

The laughter and lively energy of 70 young keiki echoed through the hallways of the John A. Burns School of Medicine on the morning of Saturday, March 29. This was the second annual Keiki Health Camp hosted by the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. Volunteers included 27 medical students, 22 dental hygiene students and 12 pre-medical students from the University of Hawai`i’s Medical Student Mentorship Program.Jeremy Stone, a fourth-year medical student, said that teaching kids about being healthy at a young age is crucial in prevention of health problems down the road.

“A focus on prevention rather than disease is a transition we’re trying to make in the medical field in general,” Stone said.

Medical student Yuree Nam and Dr. Jill Omori sing and dance to “head, shoulders, knees and toes” with the keiki.

There were four main sessions of the camp and the pre-medical students acted as group leaders during the different learning sessions.

Fourth-year med student Kristen Teranishi led the arts & crafts session in making fake snot and fake blood plasma soup.

“The kids are really fun, it’s a nice way of exposing them to health-related things in a fun way,” said Teranishi.

This was her first time participating in the camp. Like many of the volunteers, she had such a great time that it was unclear who was enjoying themselves more: the children or the volunteers.

“The kids are just really cute, it’s just fun to be around them and teach them for a little while,” said volunteer Adam Vorsino.

The kids placed the internal organs correctly onto a piece of paper where they had traced their body.

Medical students led the interactive anatomy session about the function and location of the internal organs and the effects of diet and exercise on cardiovascular health.

Dental hygiene students brought along prop teeth, toothbrushes and floss to teach the kids hands-on about how to brush and floss correctly. Even the “tooth fairy” herself came along to relay the message of good oral health.
The fourth session was also an outdoor sun safety and physical activity outside.
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