Hip-Hop Hot: Fireknife competition will be set to an urban beat

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This was my first time producing both photos and a video as a free-lancer for the Honolulu-Star Advertiser. Within four days of receiving the assignment, I met with the fireknife event coordinator at his house in Laie, Oahu, which is practically across the entire island from where I live. It was the night after Christmas and as I made the 30-mile trek in my car, I began to doubt my actions from the previous night. I had feasted on the holiday spread with no regrets and I had grown comfortable with that warmth that flowed through my veins, causing my eyes to glaze over with a contentment that some refer to as “laziness.” But, I’m so glad that I fought off what Hawaii residents known as the “kanack attack” and made it all the way to Laie because the people I met, adults and children, were so sweet and very talented.